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Acroprint ES1000 Calculating Time Clock


The powerful ES1000 payroll recorder totals hours - including overtime totals - for up tp 100 employees, with automatic break time deductions.
  • Accurate - Automatic totalling saves time and eliminates clerical errors in processing payroll, while two-color printing makes early and late punches easy to read.
  • Reliable - This time clock maintains correct time even during power outages, and allows full functionality (up to 200 punches) when equipped with optional N-Cad battery pack.
  • Convenient - The built-in perpetual calendar adjusts the month and year and changes Daylight Saving Time automatically. No need to worry sbout time changes! The ES1000 makes the appropiate adjustments for you.
  • Flexible - The clock prints in standard AM/PM hours or 24-hour format with minute or hundredth increments, offers three-day language selections and handles calculations using either exact or rounded time.
  • Accountable - The clock is programmed with multiple reports, making tracking time easy. Choose from Hours Summary, Signal Summary, and Time Cards in Use.


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